Agility Today

Uncover practical Agility for Business, Mind and People with one and only UnConference of India - Agility Today!

An experience that Delhi never had, and always deserved. Be blown away and transformed with truth and busted myths about Agile, from All over the World.

Be the part of the revolution!

Be the part of the shift!

10th - 11th Feb , 2018

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10th - 11th February 2018

Agility Today

We know that Agile is a #Mindset. But wait, what’s mindset? And are you saying mindset will give better quality code, faster delivery and increased profit? How? And then what is Scrum, and Scrum of Scrum, and all other flavours – SAFe, LeSS, DAD and then what about their cousins – DevOps, XP, CI/CD, Lean, Kanban? Who came first and do their order of birth matters?And let’s also talk ROI and real business – Does Agile really help Organizations get better productivity, work quality and customer engagement. We hear Agile is IT born, will it apply to other business as well?

This and all other questions, get your answers in this mind blowing, first ever Agile UnConference. Be ready to experience truth and bust myths about Agile. Agility Today is your gateway to the world outside, where Agilists from different countries, companies and cultures are coming together to empower you with their success as well as failure stories, their lesson learnt and their secret sauce of successfully establishing Agility. Come to know about their courage, commitment and authenticity which led them through trying times, which many of you must be experiencing right now.

This UnConference will make you Unlearn limiting mindset, unreasonable practices and not so progressive habits, so that you leave enlightened, empowered and enabled.

DATE 10 until 11 February 2018