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If you are looking for Agile Talent to help you realize your business goals, your quest ends here. This unique full day event offers access to a rich pool of qualified agile professionals for you to pick the right talent for your organization.

AgilityToday, via this Job Fair, wants to bridge gap between Opportunity and Talent, and meet regions need for various Agility Solutions.
If you are an Organisation, looking for Agile Talent, This Job Fair will give you access to rich pool of experienced and focused Agile Servant Leaders like - ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Agile Coach, Agile Consultant, Agile Trainers. You can reach us for Full time Resource or Consultant; or simply a trainer for onetime. If you know what you want, go register. In case you need help in deciding, write to us at info@agilitytoday.com or call 9999028847.

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