The Analytics Maturity Curve

Navigating The Enterprise Analytics Maturity Curve

Global Data Growth

Data Stored in an Enterprise

Digital Enterprise (2016)

Information-based Enterprise (2020)

Digital Spends in 2020

Information Transformation has a 49% impact on profit

Where Are You On The Analytics Maturity Curve?

Data Silos
Data Warehouse
Architected Information
Integrated Information
Holistic Real-time Information

Don’t be a “Digital Resister”

You are a “Digital Explorer”

Digital Player is your name

Age of the Digital Transformer

Digital Disruptor on board

Please select data transformation initiatives present in your organisation.

Your Short-Term Analytics Checklist

Server consolidation

Intel Xeon

Data Quality

Data Governance

Data Integration

The Digital Explorer’s Guide

Enterprises in the Opportunistic phase in 2018

Data Warehouse

Hybrid clouds

Intel Xeon Platinum

Descriptive Analytics

Digital Player Must-Haves

Instantaneous Data Analysis

Multi-Cloud Adoption

Predictive Analytics

Insights from Structured and Unstructured Data

Digital Transformer Toolkit

Real-time Analysis

Prescriptive Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Innovation Essentials For Disruptors

Global Cognitive Analytics Market

Common Cognitive Analytics Deployment Models

Cognitive Analytics Constituents

Discover your ideal Xeon