10 Brilliant DIY Halloween Ideas From Pinterest

Halloween may not be a traditional Indian festival, but it’s the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and have some spooky fun with your kids. Besides, who doesn’t love candy? We came across these uber-cute DIYs from Pinterest to gear your home up for trick-or-treating.

1. DIY Halloween tombstones

No, we’re not talking complicated carved out tombstones – it’s as simple as cutting up your cereal boxes to make your spooky decor – check out Soap Deli News to find out how…

2. Fluffy Pumpkin slime

Now, if you have kids below the age of 10, you cannot have been immune to the strange pull these barrels of slime has over your kids. This recipe for fluffy Pumpkin slime from Best Ideas for Kids is sure to be a hit with your kids!

3. Halloween Ghost Baby Bib
It’s never too early to get little ones involved in the festive spirit – even if they have no clue of what’s going on, they sense the happy mood in the air. Of course, you don’t want to go OTT with stuffy elaborate costumes –  our weather simply doesn’t allow it, so here’s a super simple ghost bib by This Autoimmune Life to get you in the mood.

4. Handmade Binbag Spiders

Yes, that’s right – spiders from bin-bags! And they look quite impressive as well, glaring at us from the corner of the room! How? That’s where Paint Sew Glue Chew comes it.

5. Monster Eyes- Halloween treat

With all that candy doing the rounds, are you looking for a healthier treat option for your little ones? Well, look no further than A Thrifty Mom who’s got a bowlful of healthy, yummy monster eyes!

6. A spider web wreath
This is a great addition to your door especially if the kids in your neighbourhood are going to come trick-or-treating. Kaminski’s Creations has a step-by-step account of this DIY.


7.  No-sew Costume Cape!

If you’re worried about your child’s costume for this Halloween, here’s a 5-minute costume cape creation by Delia Creates – and boy, does it look adorable!

8. Easy Halloween Cookies

No Halloween can be complete without indulging your sweet tooth – and home-made cookies hit just the right spot. Lost Mom’s easy Halloween themed cookies has us reaching for our rolling pins and aprons! Make it a joint project with your little ones to make it even more enjoyable!

9.  Halloween bottle labels

Now, on to a bit of fun for the grown-ups. Here’s a smashing idea by How To Nest For Less for labelling your drink bottles at that bash you’re planning. After all, all that running around behind kids stuffed with candy must have you parched and longing for a drink!

10. Trick-or-treat Bags

Naturally, your child needs a bag to stash his candy goodies if she’s going trick-or-treating… and an ordinary bag just doesn’t go with her oh-so-cute costume. Tweak and Tinker’s paper mache bags are the perfect solution!

Make Halloween the perfect excuse to have a few giggles and chill out with your friends and family (before the Diwali rush)… and thank God for Pinterest!

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