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Gayatri Gandhi was working as a media professional at Discovery Networks India. She also forayed into the wedding industry for gifting and invitations. But her eureka moment was when she read the book ” The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. She experienced how applying the concept in her life changed her professional as well as personal life. And thus started The Joy Factory India’s first Decluttering Service Company And only One certified to offer the KonMari method.

I am
Founder of Joy Factory. The first KonMari Certified Consultant in India.

What did you do before becoming a declutter consultant?
I worked as a media professional with Discovery Channel for 10 years before taking up decluttering and organizing as a full-time profession.

What inspired you to take this up as a profession? 
I came across the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo about two years ago. The concept of the book was so exciting that I decided to apply it in my life. And as I went along the process, started to see a change not just in my physical environment but also in my personal life as well. This is when I decided on delving more on the topic. Till then I hadn’t realized how clutter could have such an impact on our everyday lives! Doing research on the topic I narrowed down to the point that how cluttered surroundings had a great impact not just on the physical environment but also on the mental state of a person. The more I researched the more I felt on taking this concept
ahead as a business idea. I even carried out a survey with over 200 respondents across the world which further validated the findings and gave me clarity on making the availability of the decluttering service in India truly relevant. This is when I decided on introducing decluttering as a service in India and bringing in the KonMari Method due to its effectiveness.

What has been the most memorable moment at work so far?
The most memorable moment was when I got certified in the KonMari Method. Our company thus became the
first and only (so far) to offer the KonMari Method officially to the Indian audiences.

What do you think are some essentials to be a successful businesswoman?
The spirit of not giving up against all odds and the power to believe in one’s unique idea even if others may offer little or no support.

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What is your business motto?
To establish decluttering as a way of life thereby empowering every person in the world to become happy.

What do you like to do when you’re not working/any causes that you’re passionate about?
I am actively engaged in my practice of Nichiren Buddhism which also follows the same philosophy of giving hope and creating happiness in the lives of self and others.

Is there a leader or a book that inspires you?
I regularly read and learn from articles by Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO – Thrive Global

How can someone take this up as a career? What qualifications are needed to become a declutter consultant?
At Joy Factory, we offer training modules that can enable an individual to understand decluttering and hone their skills towards a more organized lifestyle. Apart from this, the individual can also get in touch with KMI (KonMari Media Inc.) for details on their training seminars.

What does the future hold for you & your business?
There is a lot of excitement in store for us at Joy Factory. From individual projects, self-initiated campaigns to collaboration with some huge institutional bodies – watch this space for more.

To know more about the services offered by The Joy Factory you can visit their website here. Also, check out their Facebook as well as Instagram pages.


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