Great Ideas for a Spooky Halloween! Boo!

With Halloween almost here, Baby S and I have put together some fun Halloween plans. Here are some of our favourite Halloween activities.

A spooky read of ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson

We do this almost every year, but somehow its always the most fun way to kick-start the Halloween celebrations. A great read about a kind and generous Witch who would always lend a helping hand to all those in need. When the Witch finds herself in trouble, all those little animals, whom she had helped earlier, come together to save her from a deadly monster. While we enjoyed playing the different characters in the book and coming up with spooky mantras for the Witch’s potion, Baby S also learnt an important life lesson about kindness and generosity!
This year, since Baby S is now a little older and can memorise a few lines too, we are planning to enact the book with all his friends and ask them to dress up as the different characters to add that extra magic!

Making our own Halloween costumes
Baby S has decided that he wants to be a superhero this time and are making our own cape!

Easy Steps to make your own Superhero Cape:

  • Cut out the shape of the cape on velvet, felt or any other plain fabric and ensure the cut-out is comfortable when tied around the neck.
  • Place velcro at the end of the two strips to clasp the cape comfortably around the neck.
  • Make cut-outs of your favourite superhero’s shield, spider etc. on another velvet strip and simply stitch or glue it to the cape. You can even add your child’s initial to the cape to create more excitement!

Me and Mine! Halloween Team
What can be more fun than dressing up with your little one! Baby S and I are dressing up as mommy-and-baby superheroes! There are a host of other spooky mommy and baby Halloween costume ideas!

Halloween Themed Baking
Baking with toddlers is always the most fun! Pick some easy recipes and design your own friendly ghosts! And if you’re not the best baker like me, you can get a muffin or a cookie and whip up your chocolate sauce and toppings! We made an adorable ghost cupcake with a muffin, chocolate icing, lollipop and some ready-made fondant mix.

Simple steps for a Ghost Cupcake:

  • Begin by rolling out the fondant to about 1/16-inch. Be sure to dust your work surface with cornstarch so it doesn’t stick.
  • Use a 4-inch cookie cutter or paring knife to cut circles.
  • Place each circle over a lollipop and form into the shape of a ghost.
  • Place the ghost lollipop in the centre of a cupcake already covered with chocolate icing.
  • And finally, make ghost eyes with some extra chocolate icing or edible black decorating gel.

Halloween party with fun science experiments!

We had a great time at the Halloween party last year, where witches and wizards conjured magic with the help of some super fun science experiments! We made slime, found spiders in the witch’s gooey potion and also collected some colourful and magical gooey marbles. But the best part was watching the wizards experiment with dry ice. While Baby S was enthralled by the drama and mystique created by dry ice, somewhere along the way, he also developed a genuine interest in understanding how things work. There are various science kits that can be used to create these experiments at home. Would definitely recommend these kits to add some science to the magic!

Do share your Halloween fun ideas with us! Happy Halloween..Have a Spooky One.

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