Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Mother in law, as described by our popular media can invoke images of a stern, always manipulating, mean and cruel old lady. Many Indian movies and daily soaps have portrayed mother in law as the biggest villain of a daughter in law’s life.

It was mother-in-law day recently and we decided to change the script. We asked mothers to share their positive stories about their relationship with their MILs. What we got is so many positive comments and pictures. This proves that as long as there is respect and space, MIL and DIL relationship can be a beautiful bond between two women.

Many of the moms shared what they have learnt from their mother in law. From cooking delicious food, running the homes efficiently to be the woman of the house and giving unconditional love to the family.

Scroll down for some lovely memories shared by our FMC moms

Anuja Desai shares a sweet picture with her mother in law.

Neha Maheshwari says her MIL embodies the phrase “Bring your own Sunshine”

Vrushali Shetty is amazed how her MIL has faced difficult times but emerged a winner in life.

Vineeta Ambasta describes her MIL as the best dressed 73 years old and loves to imbibe her grace, dignity and sophistication.

Preethi Sampat says she loves to gossip with her MIL once the men have left for work.

Sneha Gaurav shared that she had extreme ups and downs in her relationship with her MIL and they were not on talking terms. But they have gradually started bonding again and she missed her MIL a lot.

Akshata Rathod shares Khatta Teekha Meetha Namkin relationship with her MIL

Sangeetha Banavalikar says she has learnt a lot from her MIL and especially respects her for the way she treats her DIL’s parents and family.

Shina Gupta says her MIL is like her friend and has taught her to live in the moment. They share cocktails, stories and tons of laughter together.

Here is our admin Ruchita Shah with her progressive and practical 84-year-old MIL. Ruchita says the best part about their relationship is she doesn’t try to be my mother and I don’t try to be her daughter. We enjoy being MIL and DIL.

Do you have a positive story about your MIL? Do share with us.


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