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  • I joined FMC almost 2 years ago not realizing what an integral part it would become in my journey as a mother. With moms connected all over the world it has allowed me to seek solutions to issues, which only another mother can understand. Ability to read what thousands of mothers go through on a daily basis also helped me understand the various facets of motherhood.

  • When I was added on FMC, I was a mother of one-month-old darling daughter. Having little knowledge of being a first time mom myself, I wasn't sure what is right or wrong for my baby. However, now that I have been a mom for over 2 years, I couldn't be happier! FMC made me go through high and low with ease. I start my day and end my day with FMC.

  • I have been a FMC member for many years now. My son who is 5 now , was very small then and being in a nuclear family all the help or suggestions I needed were sometimes solved without asking. Even if its midnight someone would surely answer your query or help you with your motherhood journey on FMC.

  • FMC opened a whole world of possibilities to a mom who had given up her high paying job to becoming a stay at home mum. It transformed me into an entrepreneur and a networker, something that even a full time job of 10 years that I held didn't accomplish for me. Now when I am back to work I am thankful to the world of possibilities and connections FMC opened me up to.