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PROMotion of Inclusive, Sustainable growth and diversity to strengthen Local Governments


The Promise Project- Promotion of inclusive, sustainable growth and diversity to strengthen local governments is being implemented by ICLEI South Asia in association with Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) with support from European Union in four project cities namely ,Karnal, Ajmer, Jabalpur and Warangal. The project aims to improve the capacity of Urban local Governments to perform as development actors for improving the local quality of life in an inclusive manner in their respective cities. It supports local authorities/governments to create, enable and institutionalize equitable and inclusive governance mechanisms, with an aim to support development of smart and sustainable growth in cities. The activities being undertaken in the project also help to enhance last mile connectivity and cater to the needs of all the citizens irrespective of their religion, age and income group hence promoting inclusive development.

Through the project, efforts have been done to assist and build the capacities of the local government to better leverage the opportunities available under national programs such as Smart City Mission, AMRUT, HRIDAY, Housing for all and Swachh Bharat Mission through well-defined criteria for project evaluation and implementation. The opportunities from the above are leveraged through convergence, developing synergies in order to have better services and facilities resulting in improved quality of life. The project was initiated in early 2016 and is scheduled to close by Mid of 2019 and the on-ground activities under the project have been conducted and pilot wards were identified in each project city.


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Guiding Toolkit for Local authorities for better resource utilization and maximising citizen satisfaction.

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Delegation of European Union to India and Bhutan was established in 1983 and India became its strategic partner since 2004. The delegation of European Union India is headquartered in Delhi and performs variety of tasks aimed at enhancing the relations between EU and India.


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Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) was established in 1956 and is now a premiere Institute for research, training, capacity building and information, dissemination in Urban development and management.